Mile High Comics located in Thornton Colorado

8806 N. Washington, Unit H, Thornton, Colorado
(303) 457-2612

Located in a friendly suburb a mere five miles north of downtown Denver, our Thornton, Colorado Mega-Store has 11,000 square feet crammed with happiness! This is the store where we have room to keep our largest inventory of back issue comics, plus an incredible selection of toys, games, cards, movie memorabilia, Star Trek/Star Wars items, Transformers, and much more. This store is sooo cool that we have many regular customers who drive in from as much as a thousand miles away! If you are going to visit just one Mile High Comics location when coming to Denver, this is the one you just have to see!

Will Murakami
Will Murakami, Manager
Marvel Comics Section
DC Section
Dark Horse
Dark Horse Comics Section
New Comics
New Comic Racks
Independant Comics
Independant Comics
Trade Paperbacks
Trade Paperbacks
Movie Posters
Movie Posters and Cardboard Standups
Mike Pearcy
Toys Section
Lisa Woolley - Assistant Manager
Star Wars and StarTrek Collectables
Bill Daniel--
Collectable Card Games and Role-Playing Games
Manga and Japanese Animation

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